WellmannDesign is an industrial and product design consultancy driven by a need for excellence and precise implementation. WellmannDesign can assist with the complete product life cycle, from concept stage including 3-D drawings to prototyping, through to the final manufacture of the product. WellmannDesign delivers all of this to very high standards and outstanding precision.  WellmannDesign products are created out of fun and love for innovation. Products are made and then tested to ensure the end product ticks all the quality boxes associated with the brand. Each product is locally made and is individually hand-crafted with a focus on durability and excellent quality. As our products are not mass-produced they keep their unique identity. The time-less and aesthetic design bring functional products to life, to be cherished for generations to come.   WellmannDesign Renovations evolved from the need for good quality workmanship and reliable, all-round project management. The attention to detail and continuous onsite management with a personal, hands-on approach delivers high quality projects on time and within budget. Too often contractors fail to tie up snags and loose ends and just leave these for the next contractor. We, however, do all these jobs and more to ensure we deliver a seamless project to a satisfied client. Once-off originals designed and manufactured by WellmannDesign. Each item is specifically customised to suit the needs and requirements of the client. Items are designed and manufactured to fit the available space and customised keeping style and ergonomics in mind.

A wide variety of products have successfully been made and installed. Projects include basic cupboards to complex handmade hand rails, to automatic motion trigger books and much more. All can be designed and manufactured combining endless creativity with precise implementation to make your vision a reality.

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